AtéCé is a producer of and a total supplier of graphic products for the label and packaging printing industry and offers a complete product portfolio of solutions in flexo: consumables and equipment. At least as important are our knowledge and practical experience, which we have with flexo solutions and we are happy to share with you to achieve the best possible result.

Flexo inks

AtéCé has considerably expanded the range of inks and varnishes for flexo-printing which are marketed under the brand name Deutsche Druckfarben.

For the label and packaging industry we offer a special serie Deutsche Druckfarben high quality UV Flexo and UV / UV LED Flexo Food Compliant Material inks and Waterbased Flexo inks. The UV / UV LED Flexo ink range has been developed to provide good colour strength, gloss and fast cure performance on a wide range of substrates. Suitable for a wide variety of applications.
  • UV flexo inks as standard
  • UV flexo inks FCM | Food Compliant Material
  • UV LED flexo inks FCM | Food Compliant Material
  • Waterbased flexo inks

Smart Ink Mixing

At AtéCé we have a state-of-the-art laboratory for testing and mixing flexo and offset inks. This modern ink innovation centre contains various ink dispenser systems for mixing conventional and Food Compliant Material (LED)UV flexo inks.

Ink Technology Support

Very important is the knowledge that AtéCé has inhouse and the craftsmanship of our colourist’s and our application specialists. They make the difference. As a result, we can always supply the right printing flexo ink to all our customers.

Flexo varnishes

We supply high quality flexo varnishes. These are marketed on the international market under the brand name Galaxy. Our flexo varnishes program consists of:
  • UV flexo varnishes as standard
  • UV flexo varnishes FCM | Food Compliant Material
  • UV LED flexo varnishes FCM | Food Compliant Material
  • UV Digitech flexo varnishes FCM | Food Compliant Material
  • Water-based flexo varnishes and primers
Our range of Galaxy flexo varnishes includes: standard gloss, matt, satin gloss and soft or rough-touch lacquers, varnishes with guaranteed release properties, thermal transfer as well varnishes for usage upon thermal substrates. We supply a high quality range of digital varnishes suitable for application over digital inks.

Flexo cleaning agents

In addition, cleaning agents are also manufactured under the name Galaxy for cleaning your flexo plates and anilox rolls. This program consists of:
  • Flexo UV Washmax, suitable for mechanical and manual cleaning of the flexo plates
  • Flexo Anilox Neutral, suitable for mechanical and manual cleaning of the anilox rolls


AtéCé is master distributor of CRON HDI Definition Digital Flexo Imagers in the Benelux and Germany.

CRON HDI has a complete range of solutions for the exposure of flexo plates in various formats. These imagers are known for a high ROI, low maintenance costs and guarantee top quality high resolution flexo plates.