• Printing blankets

  • Stripping blankets

  • Coating plates

  • Self-adhesive blankets

  • Bars

  • Specialties

  • Underpacking

    • Underlay carton

    • Underlay foils

  • Plotters

AtéCé Graphic Products has a very modern production environment for the converting of printing, stripping and self-adhesive blankets. AtéCé is one of the leading companies in this field with years of experience and a high level of expertise. AtéCé can develop blankets with manufacturers to meet their specifications.

Knowledge and experience

The AtéCé professionals know exactly how to make printing and self-adhesive blankets and stripping plates of consistent quality. Several PrintCare products are Isega certified. Within the PrintCare product range, there are applications for sheetfed printing, web printing, coldset, heatset, metaldeco, 2-pc Can and plastic printing

AtéCé also supplies a special PrintCare plotter for plotting stripping plates.

PrintCare printing and self-adhesive blankets and stripping plates are used in the following segments:

  • Commercial printing (sheetfed and web)
  • Packaging printing
  • H-UV / LED-UV
  • Label printing
  • Security printing
  • Envelop printing

PrintCare U-Pack
  • Underpacking paper

PrintCare Polyfoil
  • Underpacking foil,
    self-adhesive / non-adhesive

PrintCare PolyFoil Soft
  • Underpacking foil,
    self-adhesive / non-adhesive

PrintCare HighPack
  • Underpacking paper

Underblankets for the coating unit
  • Underblankets,
    self-adhesive / non-adhesive

    - PrintCare compressible
    - PrintCare compressible skl
    - PrintCare underblanket
    - PrintCare underblanket skl

PrintCare underlay carton & foils are available in all common press sizes and thicknesses.

PrintCare plotters – made by JWEI

AtéCé delivers special PrintCare plotters for the plotting of stripping blankets and coating plates.