ISO 9001

Quality is paramount for AtéCé Graphic Products and it sits in the genes of all our employees. Everyone is committed and a promise is a promise. We have successfully placed our quality management system under the scrutiny of the VPGI Certification body to test for adherence to the ISO 9001 standard. In doing so, we have an officially certified ISO 9001 certificate from the Council for Accreditation. We see this certification as an excellent guideline to optimise our organisation and business processes.


Isega is an independent testing institute that, for more than 30 years, has been performing specialised analysis to determine whether products are suitable for food contact, from initial production to the final product. ISEGA tests all products that are used in the offset printing process on their journey towards being used for packaging and food safety. If a product is found suitable and safe for food contact after extensive testing, it will be awarded an ISEGA certificate. AtéCé has several products in the program - such as PrintCare printing & stripping blankets and Galaxy chemicals and coatings - which are ISEGA certified.


Certification from the independent German test institute, FOGRA (Fogra Graphic Technology Research Association) has a very good reputation in the graphics industry. FOGRA approves many different products including: detergents, water additives and washcloths on Heidelberg, KBA and Manroland printing presses. FOGRA certified products are released for use on these press brands. For example, most of our PressClean washcloths and wipes, as well as most of our Galaxy chemicals and coatings, are FOGRA-certified.