AtéCé Graphic Products is one of the larger players in the offset plate market in Europe. We offer the right quality for every offset press. From thermal offset plates with extremely high print quality to value for money quality. We also supply process-free offset plates that make processors and chemicals redundant for greener and more economical printing.


AtéCé has its own brand offset plates: Nova. These are made according to our own specifications by specialized manufacturers and sold on the international market under own label. By far the most used offset plate - because of its excellent price-quality ratio - is the Nova Aventus. This is a low chem dual layer offset plate, which is also suitable for UV inks. Nova plates are suitable for all leading brands of rotation and sheetfed printing presses.

Nova Aventus offset plates


The Nova Universal Eco-2 chemistry system solution ensures the correct processing of offset plates. In addition, with Eco-2 the developing bath lasts significantly longer, allowing up to 10,000 m2 offset plates to be processed. The Nova Universal Eco-2 chemistry system solution is suitable for the most common plate processors.

Universal Eco-2 Developer

Universal Eco-2 Replenisher


AtéCé is the master distributor for the Blackwood offset plates brand in Europe. Blackwood UV-CTP and thermal CTP offset plates are produced by the manufacturer of CRON CTP-systems More and more medium to large printing companies are switching to this brand of offset plates.


AtéCé is the exclusive distributor in Europe of Mitsubishi Paper Mills, world market leader in Silver Digiplate CTP printing plates, made from a polyester substrate and silver halide-based paper. In addition to the distribution of CTP printing plates, AtéCé is responsible for the sale and maintenance of new and used Mitsubishi Imaging CTP imagesetters.