Strategic Partner
Komori K-Supply

AtéCé Graphic Products has been appointed as a 'Strategic Partner' by Komori Europe to provide the Komori K-Supply product portfolio within Europe, the Middle East and Africa. This means that AtéCé carries out the entire product management, production and logistics from K-Supply to Komori dealers. AtéCé will also provide technical support and training to local Komori dealers and their end users.

Tested and approved

The Komori K-Supply product portfolio includes consumables such as printing inks, washcloth rolls, printing blankets, press chemicals, dispersion and UV coatings and more. These products have been tested and approved at the Komori Graphic Center Europe in The Netherlands. This guarantees that K-Supply products work perfectly on Komori offset presses.

K-Supply producten portfolio

Cylinder related
Rollers *)
KomoriKare *)

The Komori website contains Technical Data Sheets for all K-Supply products

*) These products from the K-Supply product portfolio are not included in the product portfolio facilitated by AtéCé


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