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Deutsche Druckfarben is an independent ink manufacturer and is exporting worldwide offset printing inks, varnishes and high quality consumables to the commercial and packaging sectors. Our exclusive distributor partners service customers across the globe with an unrivalled range of excellent quality value inks, coatings (waterbased and UV), pressroom chemistry, blankets and pressroom consumables.
Quality Statement

Modern, highly pigmented ink series designed for the widest possible field of applications. Every 4-colour set is suited for almost any type of printing machines (perfecting machines as well as straight printing presses). As a result of its versatility, Deutsche Druckfarben inks are especially suited for use in large corporate groups where different manufacturing bases and various printing machines are encountered and the best performance and consistency is required with identical print results from one process ink.

Pantone® inks approved

Deutsche Druckfarben is a Pantone approved supplier of standard Pantone blending inks and special Pantone matchings. Inks are tested and approved annually to ensure shade and strength conform to Pantone specification. All approved Pantone inks have the same strength and shade from all suppliers, if there are differences the inks cannot be Pantone approved.

Technical Support
A comprehensive package: the complete pressroom ink and consumables solution. Technical advice and support to ‘finger-print’ presses to achieve Fogra PSO ISO 12647-2. Complete pressroom pre-trial audits – including press types, water quality, substrates used and types of work being printed. Guarantee the correct ink and fount selection tailored to individual customer requirements.
Deutsche Druckfarben

Deutsche Druckfarben is offering the complete range of process inks, Pantone inks, special inks and additives for all sheetfed and narrow web applications.

  • High quality process inks

  • High quality Pantone inks

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  • LE UV and HR-UV inks

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  • Low migration inks

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  • Speciality inks

We have our own R&D and have a large in-house lab to do all test which are need to improve, secure and develop stable and high reliable inks.

Deutsche Druckfarben is a company of AtéCé Graphic Products, based in the Netherlands.

Deutsche Druckfarben delivers low migration inks for foodpacking.