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AtéCé Graphic Products
Based in the Netherlands, AtéCé Graphic Products is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of graphic consumables. Additionally, AtéCé plays an important role as a total supplier. AtéCé exports to more than 70 countries around the world via an extensive network of distributors.


Since 1977, AtéCé has been a producer of pressroom chemicals, dispersion and UV coatings and printing inks. AtéCé makes printing blankets, stripping plates and washcloth rolls in-house. The production sites are located in the Netherlands, in Uitgeest and Alkmaar. The various products are brought to market under its own brand names, as well as under private labels or as an OEM product.


AtéCé has a team of specialists with extensive technical knowledge and practical experience of all the graphic process elements. This knowledge is safeguarded in a Technical Knowledge Centre. Our motto is, “Our knowledge, your strength”. AtéCé has a special Research & Development department, as well as a professional laboratory with a Quality Centre.


AtéCé has a strong global network of distributors. Quality is an important trademark. As one of the few independent players in the market, AtéCé has a large degree of autonomy. AtéCé is a family business, this guarantees total engagement, accessibility and continuity.


AtéCé is ISO 9001 certified for its quality management system. AtéCé is affiliated with the German independent test institute Fogra and brings different products onto the market that have been tested by Fogra and bear the Fogra certificate. In addition, some AtéCé products have acquired the ISEGA certificate, which demonstrates that they meet the requirements for safe food contact. AtéCé continuously works towards improving its products and works within the principles of a solid CSR policy.


Family-owned company

AtéCé was founded in 1977. Then the company only produced chemicals and supplied companies with commercial printing products. AtéCé was acquired by the Schelhaas family in 1985. The current owners, Bert and Peter Schelhaas, have been working together for more than 25 years. The company has grown quickly through its own development growth as well as through acquisitions. AtéCé has developed into an independent, international market player while maintaining independence. AtéCé has remained a family business, meaning it is very accessible and very personal. Many employees have been working for AtéCé for many years and stand by the guarantee for continuity in quality and customer contacts.

Bert and Peter Schelhaas the current owners of the family company AtéCé

AtéCé Facts

AtéCé has a modern production facility for the manufacture of printing & stripping blankets and washcloth rolls and is one of the three largest 'converters' in Europe.

AtéCé is the Benelux market leader in offset plates, printing inks, coatings, printing & stripping blankets and washcloth rolls.

AtéCé has been producing as - Original Manufacturer Since 1977 - in-house dispersion and UV coatings and (pre)press chemicals.

AtéCé has its own laboratory where dispersion and UV coatings, printing inks and press chemicals are tested, and where they continually work on the development of new product varieties in cooperation with other leading manufacturers.

AtéCé has ISO 9001 certification for quality management.

AtéCé is affiliated with the German independent testing institute Fogra.

AtéCé has its own special Research & Development Department and a professional laboratory with its own R&D and Quality Centre.

AtéCé supplies various ISEGA-certified products for the global packaging market. Our excellent input and output controls, combined with our registration of batch numbers, means our products meet all food safety requirements.

250 dealers in 65 countries.

Head Office & Liquid Plant Uitgeest, The Netherlands

Distribution & Converting Centre Alkmaar, The Netherlands