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AtéCé Graphic Products has one of the most modern and automated factories for producing dispersion and UV coatings. The unique formulations ensure smooth processing on the press and during the post-treatment process. In combination with the specialists and laboratory staff, new developments are followed closely and new coatings designed.
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Knowledge and experience
With their expertise and experience, the AtéCé specialists are able to align the coatings with practical applications. Galaxy dispersion and UV coatings are available in any quantity. Standard for the most common applications or customised according to specification.
Several Galaxy dispersion and UV coatings are Isega certified. For product development, we work closely with the following, independent testing institutes.
On Friday the 27th of December a limited staff will be working. For urgent matters we will be available by phone during office hours. Warehouses, production department and logistics are closed. We remain working the 30th of December 2019.