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AteCe Graphic Products is a major player when it comes to consumables. Sharing specific knowledge with manufacturers, AtéCé has created in close cooperation some unique graphic consumables. The products give demonstrably better results and solve problems. Whether it is for spray powders, protective gloves or any other product, under the name Galaxy Supplies you will find the right product.
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Anti set-off materials

Anti set-off Powder

The anti set-off powders Galaxy Powder Perfect are vegetable based products made of starch with a round shape.
The Galaxy Powder Perfect is free of materials which are based on genetically modified organisms (GMO) appropriate EU-principle 90/220/EC.

Also available from stock: KSL Anti set-off Powder and others.

Anti-marking products

Super Blue 2 anti-marking nets are a chemically treated stretchable fabric. The net has a soft wrinkle surface and features a stripe woven into the net at regular intervals aiding in installation, maintenance and helps reduce static.

ICP anti-marking foil and paper. Available in different qualities and various roughness. Available in rolls or cut sheets, with or without adhesive.


AtéCé Graphic Products supplies top quality filters for all dampening solution circulators of Technotrans, Royce, etcetera.

Underlay carton & foils

PrintCare U-PACK Calibrated Underpacking Paper (Cardboard)
Accurately calibrated underpacking sheets, impregnated against humidity for offset printing presses.

PrintCare Polyfoil (SKL) is a new (self-adhesive) underpacking foil. Corrosion-inhibiting additives in our PrintCare underpacking foil protect the cylinder surface. The foil can be removed quickly and cleanly with very little cleaning effort.

Compressible calibrated underpacking sheet carrier base with a Polyurethane top layer wich easily absorbs and compensates machine vibrations.

PrintCare underlay carton & foils are available in all common press sizes and thicknesses.

Ink duct foils

We have Galaxy ink duct foils for Heidelberg, Komori, KBA and other press manufacturers. These foils are precision formed for exact ink train fit, have a consistent thickness and are available for conventional (190 μm) and UV (250 μm) inks.


AtéCé Graphic Products is European Master Distributor of Fiberweb. This programm includes Nubtex, Webril and Photex wipes, Red 1 and Red Runner dampening covers and Web-Lock splicing tapes.


AtéCé is European Master Distributor of Sprayway aerosols: AntiSkin - AntiStatic - Glass Cleaner - Silicone.

AtéCé Graphic Products is also supplying Densitometers, Spectral meters, Ph meters, Conductivity meters, Gloss meters and rubber blanket measuring equipment.

Futhermore you will find the following products in our program: ink spatulas (pvc), ink tin openers, wash-up bottles, loupes, Pantone guides, sponges, wash-up blades, suckers, etcetera.