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AtéCé supplies various graphic products approved by the independent testing institutes Fogra and Isega.

The Fogra institute is highly regarded in the graphics sector. Fogra approves and certifies detergents, wetting water additives and washing cloths for release on the printing presses of Heidelberg, KBA and Manroland.

Isega tests all products used in the offset printing process for migration to the contents of the packaging and food safety. If a product is suitable and safe for food contact after extensive testing, this will receive the Isega certificate.

Maria Kondrashova

Maria Kondrashova is the newest member of the AtéCé export team. She is born in Russia and lives in the Netherlands for two years now. In addition to her mother language Russian, she is fluent in English and is improving her Dutch fast. Maria previously worked for different graphic companies in Russia and has many years of experience in the printing industry. Within the team she mainly has customer contacts with AtéCé dealers in Eastern Europe, Russia and CIS countries.


Wim van Mastrigt

Wim van Mastrigt has joined AtéCé Graphic Products as business development manager. With all his knowledge in the printing ink industry, he is committed to expand the complete portfolio of sheetfed offset-, packaging- & UV inks under the AtéCé brand: Deutsche Druckfarben. He will focus on worldwide growth in general and the AtéCé distributors in particular. Until recent Wim was managing director at Royal Dutch Printing Ink Factories Van Son and Van Son Liquids in Hilversum (NL).


PrintCare U-Pack underpacking

AtéCé Graphic Products has a very modern production environment for the converting of PrintCare U-Pack underpacking sheets. AtéCé is one of the leading companies in this field with a high level of expertise. We are able to sheet original Marks calibrated underpacking paper as well as underpacking foils. We sell the calibrated PrintCare U-Pack underpacking all over the world in: sheets, mini-rolls and master jumbo-rolls.

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Printing without alcohol

With the new Galaxy Greenline fountain solutions additives it is possible to print without Isoprophyl Alcohol (IPA) or with a greatly reduced percentage of IPA. Some products are even free from the IPA substitute Buthyl Glycol, which may no longer be used from 1 January 2021. Printing with the new Galaxy fountain solutions additives is better for the environment, print quality, health and finance.

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PressClean washcloth rolls have renewed Fogra certification

Bernard van Stegeren, Senior Product Manager: ‘The Fogra quality mark is highly regarded’.

AtéCé Graphic Products manufactures washcloth rolls in its own Converting Centre in Alkmaar under the brand name PressClean. "These washcloth rolls are Fogra certified and recently the certification of PressClean Wet, PressClean White IQ and PressClean IQ has been renewed for a period of three years," says Bernard van Stegeren, Senior Product Manager. 'Fogra is an independent German testing institute. The certification implies that the washcloth has an approval for use on printing presses. The Fogra quality mark is highly regarded. This shows that our washcloth rolls, which are produced according to our own recipe, are suitable for all printing presses.'

Bernard van Stegeren: 'We have invested in two new state-of-the-art systems for the fabrication of impregnated washcloths. The impregnation is applied by a unique patented system. This ensures that washcloth rolls are ready for use and have excellent washing power. This product gives less waste and a considerably shorter washing time. PressClean Wet washcloth rolls are V.O.C. free and are certainly less environmentally harmful.'

About AtéCé Graphic Products

AtéCé Graphic Products is the largest manufacturer in Europe for washcloth rolls and with the PressClean brand in the EU market leader. At the Converting Centre in Alkmaar, more than 30 million square meters of washcloth rolls are processed every year. PressClean washcloth rolls are exported as jumbo rolls and cassette rolls - dry and impregnated - to more than 80 countries in the world.

In addition to converting PressClean washcloth rolls and PrintCare printing blankets, coating plates and stripping blankets , AtéCé produces Galaxy press chemicals, waterbased and UV coatings in-house. The printing inks of the own brand Deutsche Druckfarben and Nova Offsetplates are produced under license according to our own recipe and specifications. Apart from supplying graphical consumable materials alone, AtéCé has a team of highly experienced technical specialists with extensive knowledge and experience, which has been built up in more than 40 years. Beside of the head office and two production sites in the Netherlands, AtéCé also has its own sales and service teams in AtéCé in Belgium, Germany and Serbia. More information: www.atece.com.

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